Haya Ogura

Haya Ogura is a Japanese visual artist. He studied at a Japanese art college. His major is digital media art and art history. After that, he worked in a financial institution. From that experience, he is planning the concept of "Price Action Painting" and performing artistic activities.




"Price action painting" is a painting based on Forex market data (price action). These images are made up of free indicators (market analysis program) on the Forex charts. Everything in the world is involved in the market. Human, economic, incidence, nature, desire, death, etc.. Various elements draw this line. Nobody can control price action, so accidental pattern are bears.

"Monthly series" is a painting based on the monthly market. Color, shape, composition, etc. is entrusted to the daily market. I am using about 26400 layers.

"Date series" is a painting based on the daily market. Color, shape, composition, etc. is entrusted to the daily market. There are days when it will be in good shape and bad shape, but it depends on the market of the day. I Respecting On Kawara, he is producing a series from his death.






2017 ART SLANT, 7th ART SLANT Prize New-Media category winner, LA USA

2017 N25 Gallery, NY USA

2017 Average Art Magazine October edition, UK

2017 The Donut Hole Gallery, Grand Opening Show!! 1st Place, Online


2017 第7回 ART SLANT PRIZE ニューメディア部門 Winner(アメリカ,ロサンゼルス)

2017 N25ギャラリー(アメリカ,ニューヨーク)

2017 アベレージアートマガジン10月号(イギリス)

2017 ドーナツホールギャラリー、グランドオープニングショー グランプリ (オンライン)